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VendX Touchless vending

Revolutionize the way you dispense items to employees, visitors, and customers with touchless technology, minimizing contact and enhancing user safety.

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VendX vending machines can be branded with a custom skin and UX. Ideal for healthcare establishments dispensing PPE, retailers introducing no-contact transactions, or stores safely dispensing free samples.

You can also add all type of payment options such as apple pay, google pay, ams touchless or contactless card options. 

Our smart vending machines are better than existing machines that you see in public, they are packed full of experiential technology which is touchless vending and cutting edge technology which will get you the data and engagement you need.

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Step 1: Engage

Prompts direct a user to text a specific number, scan a QR code, or visit a URL on new machines.

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Step 2: mobile

The user completes the required steps on their mobile phone. This could be completing a survey, downloading an app, or simply selecting items to dispense. With our patented guaranteed delivery system.

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Step 3: scan

A code is then received. This code is then scanned by the VendX machine.

No physical contact is needed with our touchless vending.

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Step 4: redeem

The VendX machine dispenses the appropriate product. 

To further reduce risk, the machine can be equipped with a sanitizer and anti-microbial film and uv c sterilisation.

Give ’em something to remember.

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Meet VendX – The engagement Powered Vending Machine.

Social shares, surveys, data collection – or place in permanent locations for giveaways of essential items such as face masks, sanitizers or gloves to battle Covid 19 – 

You can add contactless payment options like apple pay, google pay and ams touchless technology. 

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social engagement

More social engagement

Step up your social media game by incentivizing users to post on Instagram or Twitter with your chosen hashtag. With the VendX social media activated vending machine, Twitter Vending machine socials go in, prizes come out. Creating a beautiful consumer experience.



Gamify your marketing with VendX and enhance the consumer experience and engage consumers. After all, everyone loves to play. Get your audience engaged with something fresh and fun, and they’ll be lining up to play.


surveys and data

Data is king, these days. Collect it in the coolest way around in our smart touchless vending machine. Emails, preferences, surveys, you name it creating a beautiful consumer experience is easier than ever. All with ams vendors instant telemetry and phone camera tech most ams vendors don’t carry this you can also video tag.

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Better prizes

The VendX’s interactive touchless vending machines state of the art vending channels allow you to put almost anything inside – from Beats headphones, cold iced tea to gift cards, from Ray Ban’s to bottles of champagne.

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PPE vending, retail, free samples — all without the problems associated with physical contact.

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