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Together again

Building customer trust through transparent and comprehensive infection prevention procedures.

Lux360° is creating a healthier space for people and business to reopen – and stay open.

Diseases are transmitted through the Air, Surface, and Personal contact. Most disinfection procedures focus on eliminating only one of those risks – but Lux360° provides cutting-edge CDC and EPA-approved technology to address all three.

We empower employees with in-depth training on the proper use, and provide an innovative app so all people in your space can see when and how the area was last cleaned.

This radical transparency is imperative to build the trust we all need to get back to life – together.

Keep your people and spaces safe.

Hospital-grade technology is now available for businesses of all sizes.

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Our purifiers don’t just trap pathogens – they use UVC technology to eradicate them.

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Many pathogens can exist outside of the body and on surfaces for extended periods of time.

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The quickest way that disease is spread, personal contact often leads to disease transmission.

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How lux 360° works

Building trust by allowing users to see the disinfection process in real time – while also delivering cost savings for your business.

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Lux360° provides QR codes to be placed in areas throughout the establishment, allowing users and attendees to understand the technology that’s being used to keep them safe.
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Users can instantly find the information about how the area was disinfected, leading to increased trust from more transparency.

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As an attendee or customer enters an establishment, they scan the QR code to see the last time the establishment was disinfected and with what technology.

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The cleaning crew and staff responsible for disinfection can scan the QR code on each of the products to receive a full training on how to use the product and the solution along with tracking previous use.

Creating transparency, enhancing safety, and building trust so your business can reopen – and stay open.


Our innovative application ensures employees  responsible for disinfecting  are well-trained and provides radical transparency for consumers

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Step 01

Customers scan the QR code (no special app required) before entry. Businesses can decide whether to require completion of a COVID screening prior to entry.

Step 02

Customers are alerted whether or not they can enter based on result of screening. Businesses can also opt to provide notifications when tables are ready, options to make purchases, and more.

Step 03

Users can see when the establishment was last disinfected, the technology that was used, and any other customized information businesses choose to provide.

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Last cleaning

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Covid screening

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Last disinfection

Radical transparency: users can see how recently the surroundings were disinfected.

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Last disinfection
was made 5 mins ago..


Customized to your specific requirements – options include:

  • Temperature screening
  • Entry tracking – Questionnaire
  • Contact information collection
  • Indication whether it’s OK to enter
Temperature screening

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Build trust with your employees, customers, and visitors by educating them about the cutting-edge tools used to keep your establishment safe.

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Product - Lux Mini Purifier

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LUX 360° Technology


Step 01

Users scan the QR code on the LUX technology they are about to use.

Step 02

Users can select a training video to learn how to use the equipment correctly and identify which area of the establishment will be cleaned.

Step 03

After cleaning, the user confirms the time of disinfection – and anyone who scans the QR code can see.




Equipment is only as effective as the person using it – LUX360 includes easy access to our simple yet comprehensive training videos.

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Track disinfection frequency and tools

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Standardized disinfection training

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Transparency across all verticals

By using training, trust, and transparency, we can come back together


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