Keep your people and spaces safe.

We make medical grade disinfection technology accessible to everyone. With transparency and trust, we can be together again.

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Our vision

We want people to be together again safely. That’s why we developed a comprehensive solution to support businesses as they reopen.

Our mission

We are the only company combining multiple technologies to provide a comprehensive defense against pathogen spread fighting all three pillars of transmission.

Luxdisinfect team

Our goal is to help us be together again

LuxDisinfect began as InCharged, an industry-leading event technology company supporting some of the world’s largest brands. But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, the event industry came to grinding halt — and we knew we needed to pivot not only to keep our company afloat, but more importantly to support a new economic landscape where businesses and organizations had entirely different operational needs.

Through an incredible team effort and countless days and nights of hard work, LuxDisinfect channeled their in-depth knowledge of event operations and applied our cutting-edge research & development processes to create a complete suite of disinfection tools, products, and services to combat all three major pillars of disease transmission.

The stakes are high — and our goal is to get businesses to reopen and keep them open. LuxDisinfect’s goal is to build trust through transparency so that people can finally be together again safely.

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